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Bolt-Load of Links: 3/1 Chargers Daily Links

Well how about that? It seems the NFL and the NFLPA are both kind of serious about getting a new labor agreement hammered out and a new CBA in place.  Both sides have been meeting like crazy, but don't get too excited.  Even the most optimistic of people are not expecting a deal to be in place in time to avoid a lockout.

In preparation for the impending CBA expiration and lockout, teams are making their final personnel moves and getting everything in order just before they close up shop for a bit.  That's not stopping prospective draftees from making their best impressions at the Combine, and GMs, owners and owners are certainly paying close attention.

Yeah, that's good enough.  Here, have some links.

Some more good stuff after the jump, including a funny animated GIF of Jay Cutler getting hit in the face by a ref.