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2011 Free Agents: Oakland Raiders

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We're back for at least one more of these (there may be a couple of non-AFC West teams that I'd be interested in taking a look at) today, as we look to see which impact players the Oakland Raiders might be without in 2011.


Bruce Gradkowski, QB
Michael Bush, RB
Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR/PR
Zach Miller, TE
Khalif Barnes, RT
Mario Henderson, LT
Samson Satele, C



Richard Seymour, DT
John Henderson, DT
Thomas Howard, OLB
Nnamdi Asomugha, CB (*contract voided)
Stanford Routt, CB


Ouch, that is quite the list. Not only will the Raiders need to work on re-signing or replacing their backup QB, backup RB, starting TE, both backup OTs, starting Center, starting DTs, starting OLB and both starting CBs this offseason....but they have a bunch of important guys coming up for free agency next offseason, including their starting QB (Jason Campbell), all of their OLBs, and possibly their best defensive player (Tyvon Branch).

I don't care who the coach is. This team has already lost Nnamdi, and if they lose Seymour, Routt or both, they're going nowhere next season and have lost any momentum they built up in 2010. The same can probably be said on the offensive side of the ball with Miller and Satele.