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2011 Free Agents: Denver Broncos

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In comparison to the Chiefs earlier, the Broncos are set up quite a bit better to handle free agency this offseason. Let's take a look at the bigger names the team might, or might not, be losing before we analyze.


Brady Quinn, QB
Laurence Maroney, RB
Ryan Harris, RT



Ronald Fields, NT
Wesley Woodyard, ILB
Champ Bailey, CB


Quinn and Maroney are backups and flame-outs, who cares? The only way I see them bringing back Quinn is if they're nervous about heading into 2012 with Tim Tebow and whoever else they can manage to grab behind him. However, I think they can get a veteran QB without much of an issue.

Harris seems like the Jeromey Clary-type of RT that will stick around on inexpensive one-year contracts for the time being. Field is actually a humorous situation for Chargers fans. The Broncos would love to give him the starting job, Jamal Williams has been that bad for them, but they can't really give him starter's money because Jamal is already getting that for the next two season. They'll probably overpay Ronald and keep him around though.

Woodyard is young and will most likely be covered in some sort of Restricted Free Agency rules, so he'll be back. Talented young kid. Bailey, who I am shocked to hear is only 32 years old, hasn't made any rumblings about going elsewhere but it would appear he's allowed to if he chooses. He is a guy that has always enjoyed playing for a winning franchise, but hasn't had much chance to do so. I'd bet on him skipping town and landing on a team like the Atlanta Falcons to try and push them over the top for a Super Bowl ring before he hangs them up.