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OT: Super Bowl XLV - Packers vs. Steelers

This feels like the first meaningful Open Thread in quite some time. The sting of the Chargers missing the playoffs is almost entirely gone and the reality that this will be the last real football game for 6+ months in setting in. Enjoy today folks.

I've been asked for my pick on this game a bunch of times and have avoided an answer every time. Because I'm saving it for the site? No, sorry. It's because I don't have one. These teams are so even that I haven't a clue who will win. On paper, I'd pick the Packers because I don't think the Steelers have enough to stop them or keep up with their offense. However, this is the Steelers and they always seem to come through with a few ridiculous plays in big games that turns the tide in their favor.

I will be watching the game with Packers fans, and therefore rooting for the Packers. However, myself and one of the members of this community (I won't say whom) have a gentleman's wager on the game where I got stuck with the Steelers. Either way I win...kind of.

So here's me bailing out of the last game and saying that I pick, and hope for, a good game that's decided in the last few minutes by a big play (big play, not big penalty). I'd prefer that Packers to win, if only because I'm not really a fan of Ben Roethlisberger.....but knowing me my mind will change about 500 times during the course of the game.