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KC Chiefs Name New Offensive Coordinator

To replace the recently-departed Charlie Weis, the Kansas City Chiefs have promoted Offensive Line Coach Bill Muir to Offensive Coordinator. Any article covering this news is going to stress that Muir was the Offensive Coordinator once before, under Jon Gruden in Tampa Bay (they even won a Super Bowl together). A lot of people are going to look at that and say "Ooohh, Jon Gruden. ESPN told me that he's an Offensive Genius!" They're wrong.

First, let me share my personal standpoint on Jon Gruden, so that you know that I'm probably biased. I think Jon Gruden is a terrible football coach with a gigantic ego. I think he'd rather have a bad QB look good in his system, than a legitimately good one, just so he gets all the credit. I think he revels in the fact that his best teams were QB'd by guys who never really had much success without him (Chris Simms, Brad Johnson, Jeff Garcia).

I also think people ignore the fact that in 7 years with the Buccaneers, Gruden's team finished .500 or better only 4 times. That means that about half of the time, his teams were quite bad … but OMG let's give him total control over the team and the biggest contract in the history of football right now. He's so much better than Norv (4 straight seasons of .500 or better) because he had Derrick Brooks, Ronde Barber, John Lynch and Monte Kiffin handed to him on a silver platter! Long story short, I think Gruden is grossly over-rated.

So the fact that the Chiefs replaced Weis, who took their offense from 23rd in the league to 14th in 2010 (which is about where his Patriots-led offenses were annually), with Bill Muir, whose best Tampa offense in 7 seasons was still only 18th–best in the league, should be considered a good thing in the eyes of Chargers fans. Gruden pedigree or no Gruden pedigree.