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The Search for New BFTB Writers Begins

This is the type of effort I'm looking for.  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
This is the type of effort I'm looking for. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
Getty Images

With every offseason comes a chance to refresh. Add some new talent, chop some old, become more efficient and move forward at the same time. This rings true for NFL teams, and for Bolts From The Blue. Consider this my way of casting out my reel and seeing if there are any biters for the job of BFTB writer.

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • Be Intelligent. This has, and will continue to be, a place where opinions and arguments need to be backed up by facts. I am not looking for someone to show up and tell me that they think Norv Turner looks stupid, I'm looking for someone to share their opinion on the players, the coaches, the ownership, the front office, the rest of the NFL and more in a logical way.
  • Be Committed. This is not a time to say that you'd be interested if you cannot dedicate the time to do a couple of posts a week. If you'd like to do it, take a look at your life and your schedule and see if you actually can. Telling me you can write a few posts a week and then disappearing is an easy way to gain my ire.
  • Be Connected. This one is important, and unfortunately it will probably take away the candidacy of many of you. If you're only in front of a computer for an hour or less each day, and still carry around one of those you-don't-have-a-choice-in-ringtones Nokias in your pocket....this is not going to work. I need somebody that is going to be involved in the Chargers/NFL news cycle as it's happening (or close to it), not somebody who is a day behind. Also, being able to answer e-mails in a timely fashion is preferred.
  • Have Fun. Yes, this is seriously a requirement. I love this blog and this community, and what it doesn't need is somebody spending all day breaking down stats and throwing them up all alone to be dissected by the community. What I want is personality, fun, jokes, passion. Heck, even Wonko 2.0 is telling funny jokes these days. Basically, I am not looking for a writer....I'm looking for a blogger.
  • Be Mike Goff. This one supersedes all the other bullet points. If you are Mike Goff, you are hired. Also, get a Twitter account already, Mike. Same goes for any other current of ex-Chargers player that can put a couple of sentences together and has a sense of humor.

Please apply in the comments below. Lurkers welcome. BFTB community, use your Recs wisely to support the candidate(s) of your choosing.