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Bolt Load of Links: 2/22 Chargers Links

Did everyone have a good holiday weekend? I did. I went for a run, attended a friend's wedding, and overall enjoyed all three days to my weekend.

While I was busy gallivanting around San Diego, the NFL and the Players Union were in Washington, D.C., hard at work hammering out their issues in front of a neutral third party. It seems they're actually making some progress, but of course, no deal has been made yet.

The NFL and the Union aren't the only groups willing to meet. It seems Chargers President Dean Spanos and San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders have agreed to get together some time soon and discuss a new stadium. That sounds like good news, but Jeff will be along a little bit later to fill us in on what it means to us fans.

Some other stuff has happened around the league, so I'll let you all find that out by visiting the links below.

Find out who on the Broncos just received a contract extension, why the Vikings may have an effect on the AFC West, and more, after the jump.