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Bolt-Load of Links: 2/17 Chargers Links

Unconventional workout is unconventional.
Unconventional workout is unconventional.

Sorry for the two-day hiatus. Unfortunately, BFTB is not my day job, as it would be pretty awesome if I could do this for a living. Regardless, my day job consumed me the last few days and I haven't been able to gather the links like normal.

With the groveling out of the way, we can get on to what's going on with the Chargers and around the league. Well … ummmm … *shuffling papers* … Vincent Jackson was franchised, that's neat. Ummm, Legedu Naanee was arrested, that's less neat. Oh! The owners and players still haven't reached a new CBA, nor have they even met recently.

Hmmmm … it seems now the attention is being turned to what players are staying with their current teams, what players are leaving their teams, and all the speculation in between.  There's some draft analysis going on, but nothing in full-force just yet. I'll stop describing the news and just let you read it all for yourself.

There is plenty more good reading after the break. So hit the jump and read on about the other teams in the AFC West, the drama that is the CBA negotiations, the Combine, and Football Outsiders asks, "How do you fix a broken red zone defense?"