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Steve Wilks Promoted to Asst. Head Coach-Secondary

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Steven Bernard Wilks, the fabulous Secondary Coach that came over after being fired by the Bears to join Ron Rivera's staff and took the Chargers defensive backs from worst in the league to best in just two seasons, has been awarded the random and most-probably meaningless title of "Assistant Head Coach-Secondary" now that it's been abandoned by the departure of Rob Chudzinski.

I take that back, the title is not meaningless. At least around these parts I believe it's the title given to somebody who is perfectly worthy of being a Coordinator elsewhere, and it probably means that Wilks has a year or two left in San Diego before he gets his shot at being a DC somewhere else in the NFL. So, congratulations are in order.

Also, according to Norv, this means that they are going to expand on how much they ask Steve to do on a day-to-day basis. What that means is anybody's guess, so here's mine: Steve will be involved in creating a defensive gameplan with Greg Manusky, and will be the main person in charge of building a bridge between Ron's 3-4 system (which he created with the help of the staff that's in place) and Greg's.