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Richard Seymour Re-Signs with the Oakland Raiders

I wasn't saying anything, but part of me was hoping that Richard Seymour would somehow end up on the Chargers. I know it's crazy, but there's a hole at that DE spot and putting him there would immediately make the Chargers defense really scary. 

My thought process behind this was also probably a little insane. Richard Seymour is 31 and likes to win. There's not many players that want to hang around in Oakland, where coaches change annually, that also like the win. Usually the guys that are there are either waiting for their contracts to expire or know they couldn't make it on another team. As a free agent this offseason, Seymour was neither of those.

At 31, and coming off a messy divorce with the Patriots, some view Seymour as a great player that is somewhat injury-prone and maybe a headache in the locker room (not to mention a dirty player that will occasionally punch opposing QBs in the helmet for talking trash). Actually, the entire Chargers offensive line has a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to that would've made it hard to pull off anyway.

That doesn't matter now, because Richard Seymour and the Oakland Raiders have agreed to a new two-year deal worth $30 million, with $22.5 million of that money guaranteed. That's big big big money. That's more per season than Luis Castillo (six years, $43.6 million), Albert Haynesworth (seven years, $100 million) and pretty much every defensive lineman whose contract gets ripped to shreds by their respective fanbases. Granted, part of the reason for the extra money is how short the deal is (which makes sense for both sides of the deal).

Anyways, as Joel Thorman points out in that article, this frees up the Raiders franchise tag to use on TE Zach Miller. Outside of Nnamdi Asomugha, it would appear that a Raiders team that went undefeated against the AFC West in 2010 should be returning the majority of their roster for 2011.