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Legedu Naanee Has A Mugshot

After a night out on the town with his agent, Legedu Naanee was arrested in Indianapolis for being rude to police officers who were trying to get him out of a crime scene that he had walked into. Shenanigans ensued, and Legs wound up pepper-spray and cuffed (I really thought he had a shot to out-fight the cops for a moment there).

We've known all this for a few days. We've also known that Naanee is a free agent, and probably an unrestricted one, that the Chargers might've been considering letting go anyways. To say "this seals it" might be taking it too far, as Legedu has a great track record (and really, did nothing wrong besides being a little too drunk at the wrong time and place) and the Chargers have invested a lot of time, money and effort into turning him into a WR that can probably start in the NFL.

One thing is for sure, "L.A." is looking like he's still feeling that pepper-spray when his mugshot was taken.