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2011 Free Agents: San Diego Chargers

I was planning on not doing one of these for the Chargers because these names have been tossed around already in FanPosts, by Wonko (RFAsUFAsall FAs), etc. However, a funny thing occurred to me this morning. Each of those posts have been done from the viewpoint of a well-informed Chargers fan. By that I mean that when we see Mike Tolbert or Eric Weddle as a free agent, we disregard it because we know they'll be back in 2011.

That is not how I've been building lists for other teams. Will the Chiefs retain Tamba Hali? They'd be crazy not to, but I left him on because I am not a well-informed Chiefs fan. So, building the list of Chargers free agents from the same viewpoint that I built the others.....

Key Free Agents

Billy Volek, QB
Darren Sproles, RB
Mike Tolbert, RB
Vincent Jackson, WR
Malcom Floyd, WR
Legedu Naanee, WR
Randy McMichael, TE
Jeromey Clary, RT
Scott Mruczkowski, C/OG
Jacques Cesaire, DE
Travis Johnson, DE
Stephen Cooper, ILB
Kevin Burnett, ILB
Brandon Siler, ILB
Eric Weddle, FS
Paul Oliver, FS


Suddenly the Jets' free agent list doesn't look so funny, does it? These lists do a good job of showing a worst-case scenario, and someone who doesn't follow the team closely would probably be blown away by this list. They would view it and think the Chargers were at risk of losing their backup QB, two-thirds of their RBs, top 3 WRs, backup TE, starting RT, starting DE, every ILB on the roster (seriously) and both Free Safeties (including the very valuable Weddle).

Now, realistically, Tolbert will be back. The more times goes on the more it seems like Vincent Jackson will be franchised for 2011 and might even be okay with that. I can't imagine the team letting Jeromy Clary walk after his best season, Weddle certainly isn't going anywhere and the team will probably start the season with more than just Donald Butler at ILB. However, other fans might not get that when they see this list.