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Serious Business: 12/9 San Diego Chargers Links

San Diego Chargers Give Back for the Holidays: Fan’s Perspective - Deborah Braconnier
While the San Diego Chargers have been struggling with injuries this season, their drive to help those in the local San Diego community continues. This Sunday, December 11th, they host the Buffalo Bills. Their chances of pulling off a win are looking good but in the end the big winners will be local area children.

How the NFL failed America and kept Tim Tebow off prime time - Chris Chase
Cancel the sitter, put the champagne back on ice and get ready to watch "NCIS" or something; Tim Tebow(notes) won't be on prime time next Sunday night.

Former Charger Florence returns with Bills - Andrew Burer
"Those first few games we were pretty hot on the turnover streak," Florence said Wednesday on a conference call with the San Diego media. "We’ve hit a slump and we got to get back to that if we’re going to expect to win games in this football league, because it’s very competitive week in and week out."

Win was nice, but Bolts still need a good overhaul - Jay Paris
Can the Chargers get in the AFC West race, trailing two teams by two games with four to play? Yes, but this is the season — actually the second straight — the Chargers aren't good enough.

2012 QB landscape hinges on Matt Barkley - John Clayton
I think the Chargers could move to Los Angeles if they can't secure a downtown stadium in San Diego. I don't see Jacksonville moving. It takes too long to get out of their lease and the Jags don't offer the buzz to be attractive to a Los Angeles fan base. People in St. Louis might have to worry about the Rams being a second team to move into Los Angeles. If they do, realignment wouldn't be needed. You'd have the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC West and the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC West. If Jacksonville does eventually have to move, it could fill a void in St. Louis if the Rams depart.

Offense feeling confident - Christopher Smith
Malcom Floyd’s return, a solid game by the offensive line, continuing contributions from Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates as well as a 38-point outburst at Jacksonville have injected life into the Chargers.