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Serious Business: 12/6 San Diego Chargers Links

Wrap-up: Chargers 38, Jaguars 14 - Bill Williamson
The Chargers could have easily won all seven of their losses. But they made crucial mistakes late in games to blow it. San Diego coach Norv Turner told ESPN his team hadn’t been a "well-oiled machine." Monday, the Chargers were the team we’ve been expecting to see all season. This was perhaps San Diego’s best overall game of the season.

San Diego Chargers: Moving On - Bill Williamson
It’s difficult to pick at something after this effort. In every San Diego loss this season, the team made crucial mistakes. There wasn’t any big issues Monday night. However, the Jaguars did take a 14-10 lead in the second quarter by scoring touchdowns on back-to-back drives — so it wasn’t a perfect night.

Rivers, pass offense shreds Jags - Jay Jay Maniquis & Christopher Smith
San Diego’s offense gained at least 20 yards on eight different plays and looked good as ever with Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd and Antonio Gates all healthy.

Weddle’s sixth INT part of frenzy - Christopher Smith
San Diego scored 21 points in less than five minutes when the Chargers’ free safety picked off Blaine Gabbert, setting up a touchdown pass just before halftime.

Losing streak finished - Christopher Smith
Philip Rivers threw three touchdowns as the Chargers rolled to a 38-14 win in Jacksonville on Monday.

Chargers could face future without Dielman, McNeill - Kevin Acee
The Chargers’ current problems on the offensive line could turn into longer-term rebuilding issues, as several sources have said over the past week that both left guard Kris Dielman and left tackle Marcus McNeill are unsure about their futures in the NFL.

It’s a win over a weakling, but it’s a start for Bolts - Tim Sullivan
Turn on the lights. The party is still in progress.

Chargers shine in prime-time rout - Kevin Acee
Even Norv Turner allowed a grin en route to his first postgame victory speech since Oct. 9, 2011. (Year included, just in case anyone was unsure.)

Icing the Kicker Doesn't Work - Bill Barnwell
A study conducted by Tobias Moskowitz in the recently published book Scorecasting compared the success rates of iced kicks and non-iced kicks in key fourth-quarter situations after adjusting for the distance of the field goal. With nine years of field goals to study, Moskowitz found that when an opposing coach iced the kicker with 15 seconds or fewer left to go in the game, those kickers actually got more accurate: