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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars, 1st Half

Since all of our good ideas here at BFTB come from Richard, I felt like it was in my best interest to listen to him this morning when he suggested that we get the staff to give their score predictions for tonight's game. As per usual, keep in mind that Wonko is smarter than all of us:

Richard Wade: 28-17, Jaguars

Orz: 17-16, Jaguars

jkvandal: 17-14, Chargers

Jeff (sliderockmpc): 20-16, Chargers

John Gennaro: 20-13, Jaguars

Zach (maestro876): 16-10, Jaguars

Superduperboltman: 23-16, Chargers

Steve Adler: 13-9, Jaguars

Wonko: 0-0, tie

creanium: 17-10, Jaguars

There were some comments and rationale thrown in with those picks as well, but most of the guys tried to be funny. They must have forgotten that I'm the only one allowed to be funny on the site.

Also, maybe disregard Jeff's pick. That dude is a total homer. He'd pick the Chargers to beat the Packers by four points, and probably has.

See you at halftime.