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Fantasy Forecast: Chargers at Raiders

(Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
(Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Getty Images

If you are still playing in your league during week 17, I have one piece of advice for you... Join a new league. Week 17 is typically a complete mess if you are a fantasy football owner and this year is no different. Best of luck this week, you will need it. It should be noted that the status of Mathews, Jackson, and Tolbert is up in and air and all will be a game time decision.


QB - 29

HB - 25

WR - 30

TE - 11

Philip Rivers - In his last game against the Raiders, Rivers threw for 274 yards and two touchdowns. The Raiders have given up over 280+ yards in their last three contests and an average of two touchdowns over the last eight games. Prediction: 280 yards and two touchdowns.

Ryan Mathews -Mathews didn't get a lot of chances after the Chargers fell behind on Sunday. It would be great for the Chargers, Mathews, and the fans if RM24 is able to have a monster day against the silver and black. Prediction: 140 total yards.

Mike Tolbert - If Tolbert plays I'm not expecting much, with the exception of few goal line snaps. Prediction: 50 total yards and a touchdown

Vincent Jackson - If he plays, I'm not expecting much. At least he won't lost any balls in the lights this time. Prediction: Four catches for 40 yards.

Malcom Floyd - Obviously he is a much better play if Jackson sits. Floyd has had over 90 yards and a touchdown in three of his last four games. Prediction: six catches for 110 yards and a touchdown

Antonio Gates -. This is really hit or miss. Gates hasn't been great in terms of catches and yards, at the same the Raiders are solid against tight ends. Prediction: four catches for 50 yards and a touchdown.

Happy New Year to everyone.