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Week 17 NFL Pick'em Contest

With a 0% chance to make the playoffs, the Chargers head to the black hole to finish off the season. Once a season with plenty of promise, 2012 has turned into a weekly conversation of who the next Chargers coach will be. As usual it is hard to figure out which Chargers team will show up, but making sure the Raiders do not make the playoffs should be priority #1 this Sunday.

So.... who likes Hooters? Weekly Pick'em winner receives a Wing Party at any of the four Hooters San Diego locations. I don't know about you, but I want to win a wing party

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Lions (10-5) at Packers (14-1) The Packers are not talking about how much guys will play, but I expect them to treat this like a preseason game. Lions win on the road.

Jets (8-7) at Dolphins (5-10) As usual the Jets are having trouble clinching a playoff spot. If the Jets make the playoffs and somehow get into the AFC Championship game again, I may lose my mind.

Redskins (5-10) at Eagles (7-8) I'm sure you are wondering why I put this game on the list. Simple, I'm curious how the Eagles fans will react towards Andy Reid if the Eagles go 7-9.

Ravens (11-4) at Bengals (9-6) Andy Dalton and A.J. Green look to cap off an amazing rookie season with a victory over the Ravens. I understand why NBC didn't choose this game to flex, but this is my must see game of the week.

Chiefs (6-9) at Broncos (8-7) Has Tebow's luck ran out? I don't believe so. The Chiefs are not a good team and I believe the Broncos pass up will allow the Broncos to play their style of game.

Cowboys (8-7) at Giants (8-7) Two over rated teams that play sloppy football in prime time. Woohoo! Looking past my bias, I think the Giants win this game, or should i say, the Cowboys will lose this game.

My picks are after the jump.

Carolina at New Orleans
Buffalo at New England
Chicago at Minnesota
NY Jets at Miami
San Francisco at St. Louis
Detroit at Green Bay
Washington at Philadelphia
Indianapolis at Jacksonville
Tennessee at Houston
Seattle at Arizona
Kansas City at Denver
Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Baltimore at Cincinnati
Pittsburgh at Cleveland
San Diego at Oakland
Dallas at NY Giants