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Injury Report: San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

No need to worry about seeing this on Sunday  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
No need to worry about seeing this on Sunday (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Getty Images

San Diego Chargers

Travis LaBoy, OLB (Knee)

Ryan Mathews, RB (Calf)

Andrew Gachkar, LB (Hamstring)
Jared Gaither, OT (Ankle)
Antonio Gates, TE
Vincent Jackson, WR (Groin)
Shaun Phillips, OLB (Back)
Mike Tolbert, RB (Hamstring)

I know, everyone hates me because I'm openly rooting for the Chargers to lose this week. Therefore, this opinion really won't go over well: Why is Norv Turner running out his first-string guys? What benefit is it to Antonio Gates or Philip Rivers to be out there?

I know these questions seem nuts right now, but if one of the Chargers' best players gets hurt in a way that requires major surgery because they were playing in a meaningless game (*cough* Drew Brees *cough*), everyone will suddenly start asking them. I want answers now. Norv's not winning his job back and 8-8 means nothing but a worse draft pick and harder schedule next season. Shouldn't there be an edict passed down that states that Billy Volek, Curtis Brinkley and Randy McMichael should be starters this week?

Oakland Raiders

Jason Campbell, QB (Collarbone)
John Henderson, DT (Knee)
Darren McFadden, RB (Foot)

Jacoby Ford, WR (Foot)
Michael Huff, S (Hamstring)
Taiwan Jones, RB (Hamstring)

Louis Murphy, WR (Groin)
Richard Seymour, DT (Illness)
DeMarcus Van Dyke (Concussion)

That Richard Seymour is so ill.

Side note on the Raiders and another reason why you should be rooting for them. If they make the playoffs and win a playoff game, they owe the Bengals yet another first-round draft pick as part of that absurd Carson Palmer trade that will undoubtedly end up crippling their franchise in a year or two. Wouldn't that be fun? Another 10 years of the Raiders missing the playoffs?