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2012 NFL Draft - Scouting for Future Chargers: Bowl Games Part 6

Team Needs
Starter Starter Competition Depth Projects
Current starter is FA next year and has no surefire understudy Current starter is FA next year and has understudy or current starter is inexperienced One or more backups are FAs next year May need a new starter or backup after 2012 season

In case you missed it, I justified the most recent updates to the team needs list two weeks ago when I scouted the last week of the college football regular season. There's a lot of unknowns until we know the extent of some injuries and any changes in management are made, so I'm not going to say much more about that. Instead let's go to the games.

Toledo (8-4) vs Air Force (7-5) Wednesday 12/28 1:30 PM PT (ESPN2)
Military Bowl Presented By Northrup Grumman (Washington, DC): Anybody who has seen SDSU play Air Force knows what they're in for on offense. The Falcons run a triple option which is a continuous guessing game of where RB will get the ball or if the QB will pull it back and take it himself. The Toledo Rockets also run a unique offense. They go no huddle and spread the field to not only throw all over the field, but spread the defense so they can run in those gaps. Toledo has a lot of experience on offense which helps them get this disciplined offense executed. You'll see after the jump there are 3 senior offense lineman and a senior RB with a cool name, Adonis Thomas. They also use two QBs, which I guess keeps them fresh since they're running this high tempo attack.

California (7-5) vs Texas (7-5) Wednesday 12/28 5:00 PM PT (ESPN)
Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA): Over the last two years the Golden Bears have sen their top RBs Jahvid Best (Lions) and Shane Vereen (Patriots) go to the NFL, so it makes sense that the began the season struggling to run the ball. They got it figured out though with Jr. RB Isi Sofele helping Cal get this Rose Bowl appearance. They also have seen QB Zach Maynard improve as well he should with NFL prospects WR Marvin Jones and TE Anthony Miller there as targets. The Longhorns have seen plenty of its players jump to NFL after leaving, but it doesn't seem like they have quite the crop this year and it shows in their record. It's an improving bunch as they've started to get some pass rush to go with some good linebacking work by Seniors Keenan Robinson and Emmanuel Acho. On offense Texas is more of a mess. There's no Colt McCoy here (although his brother Case McCoy plays some) and there's certainly no one like Vince Young or Jamaal Charles. Cal's defense doesn't have true standout who is draft eligible, but DE Trevor Guyton, ILB Mychal Kendricks, ILB D.J Holt and S Sean Catthouse are worth a look.

I'll go over the individual players after the jump.

BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Keanan Robinson Texas OLB Sr. 6'2 237 lbs
Have you already looked at his height, weight and position and figured out what I'm going to say? Yes, this is another OLB that could transition to a 3-4 ILB. He's a rangy athlete who translate that ability into run stopping. He can chase down RBs outside the tackle box and can get a good closing burst before a tackle. He can play zone and man to man in coverage, which is definitely his strength in that area since he's not much for getting sacks. Good character (2nd or 3rd round)
Trevor Guyton California DE Sr. 6'2 283 lbs
Good size, strength, speed and no durability concerns. As seems to be the case with Cal DE's his best NFL fit seems to be at 3-4 DE, but that didn't stop teams running the 4-3 to draft his predecessors (Cameron Jordan, Saints and Tyson Alualu, Jaguars). He's best at taking on defenders and shows a good motor, but when running laterally it's a struggle for him. Not much in the way of pass rushing moves or skills. (4th round)
Mychal Kendricks California ILB Sr. 5'11 237 lbs
Outspoken leader on defense. Would be a good go-to quotes guy for the media where he's likely to speak his mind. Good instincts and can diagnose plays, but not quite at the elite level that you'd see top NFL LBs do. He's a little small but will take on blockers with the best of them. Some might even call his collisions explosive, but he seems to be able to take it. Reliable tackler and can deliver some big hits. Zone coverage won't expose him, but going man-to-man against TEs will. (4th round)
Kheeston Randall Texas DT Sr. 6'4 297 lbs
He's the equivalent of a giant wall in the run game. Double teams don't make him budge. That also means that he's not much of a pass rusher and if a running back gets outside the tackle box Randall is not going to catch him. Those skills better fit a DT position in a 4-3 who comes off the field on 3rd downs, but maybe there's some development potential for Randall. Watch closely to see if he can be more than a one dimension gap plugger. (Mid rounds)
Emmanuel Acho Texas ILB Sr. 6'1 237 lbs
Excellent student and he gets high grades for character. Very active in community service. He's got good instincts, especially against the run, but is overly aggressive and can get caught out of position. Not a great athlete and would be easy pickings if he had to take someone on one-on-one. (Mid rounds)
Cody Johnson Texas FB Sr. 5'11 257 lbs
More of a road grader and that may discourage the Chargers, but he's the top FB in the draft and Jacob Hester's future is up in the air. (Late rounds)
D.J. Holt California ILB Sr. 6'0 249 lbs
Shows good discipline on the field, but doesn't show ability to be a playermaker. Similarly as a tackler he's shows good ability, but not an explosive hitter. He's more explosive when trying t o fight through blockers. Doesn't have great range vs. the run. He'd be a liability in coverage. (Late rounds)
Marv Jones California WR Sr. 6'1 202 lbs
Doesn't show speed or quickness to get consistent separation at the next level, especially against man coverage. Sometimes lets balls get to his body. However, he also shows ability to pull in contested throws. Good body control when going for the catch, just needs to use his hands better. (Late rounds)
Anthony Miller California TE Sr. 6'2 262 lbs
Good bulk, but height is a bit lacking compared to the size of the top TEs in the NFL. That wouldn't be a problem, but he's also lacking in the speed department. He does show natural hands and doesn't need to let the ball get to his body to catch it. However, his body control isn't such that he can also position himself to use those good hands. High effort guy and it shows in his blocking where he's above average, but could work on technique.. (Late rounds)
Sean Cattouse California S Sr. 6'2 206 lbs
Taller than most safety prospects and doesn't lack for speed because of it, but might need more bulk in the NFL. No durability issues. Vocal leader and is smart enough to call out plays for the secondary. Change of direction skills are below average. There's hip tightness and just general difficulty dealing with sudden movements. He can make interceptions and big plays in college, but will his weaknesses get exploited at the next level so much that it won't matter? (Late rounds)
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Adonis Thomas Toledo RB Sr. 5'8 185 lbs
Desmond Marrow Toledo S Sr. 6'1 206 lbs
Mike Vandermeulen Toledo OT Sr. 6'5 299 lbs
Malcolm Riley Toledo DE Sr. 6'1 271 lbs
Philip Manley Toledo OG Sr. 6'3 313 lbs
Taikwon Page Toledo CB Sr. 5'9 191 lbs
A.J. Wallerstein Air Force OG Sr. 6'4 289 lbs
Jon Davis Air Force S Sr. 6'0 205 lbs
Bryan Anger California P Sr. 6'3 207 lbs
(Late Rounds)
Will Kapp California/td> FB Sr. 5'9 225 lbs
Mitchell Schwartz California OT Sr. 6'4 324 lbs
Ernest Owusu California DE Sr. 6'4 266 lbs
D.J. Campbell California S Sr. 5'11 202 lbs
Justin Cheadle California OG Sr. 6'2 282 lbs
C.J. Moncrease California S Sr. 6'1 210 lbs
Michael Calvib California WR Sr. 6'2 208 lbs
Coleman Edmond California WR Sr. 6'0 205 lbs
David Snow Texas OC Sr. 6'3 302 lbs
Justin Tucker Texas K Sr. 6'0 187 lbs
Blake Gideon Texas S Sr. 6'0 307 lbs
Texas has a reputation for producing lots of NFL defensive backs, but surprising Gideon is the best of the prospects currently playing for the Longhorns. He's durable and has starter every game he's played in college. He seems to be a natural when it comes to picking off passes. Good timing and hand-eye coordination in that area. His trouble area is speed. He's got the size for the position, but not the wheels (UDFA)
Fozzy Whittaker/td> Texas RB Sr. 5'10 197 lbs
Malcolm Williams Texas WR Sr. 6'2 225 lbs
Christian Scott Texas S Sr. 6'0 215 lbs