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2012 NFL Draft - Scouting for Future Chargers: Bowl Games Part 5

Team Needs
Starter Starter Competition Depth Projects
Current starter is FA next year and has no surefire understudy Current starter is FA next year and has understudy or current starter is inexperienced One or more backups are FAs next year May need a new starter or backup after 2012 season

In case you missed it, I justified the most recent updates to the team needs list two weeks ago when I scouted the last week of the college football regular season. There's a lot of unknowns until we know the extent of some injuries and any changes in management are made, so I'm not going to say much more about that. Instead let's go to the games.

Western Michigan (7-5) vs Purdue (6-6) Tuesday 12/27 1:30 PM PT (ESPN)
Little Caesars Bowl (Detroit, MI): Western Michigan will look to spread out Purdue. They have a talented WR in Jordan While, but Purdue has two talented CBs that are up to that challenge, but the depth drops off and Broncos QB Alex Carder will look to secondary options like WR Josh Schaffer. Purdue on the other hand will look to run. Mostly because they don't trust either of their two QBs that they rotate in and out. Both QBs are mobile though and sometimes can scramble and find their WRs like Jr. Antavian Edison or ex-QB turned WR Sr, Justin Siller. Also, keep an eye on Purude's kicker Carson Wiggs who can rival any NCAA kicker in accuracy from distance.

Louisville (7-5) vs North Carolina State (7-5) Tuesday 12/27 5:00 PM PT (ESPN)
Belk Bowl (Charlotte, NC): From an NFL scouting perspective, the Wolfpack are definitely the more talented football team and the Cardinals may face an uphill battle. However, future NFL talent doesn't necessarily win these games since motivation is a big factor and not easily predicted. The expectation is that Louisville's run game will get bottled up by Sr. DTs Markus Kuhn and J.R. Sweezy. On the other side of the ball Louisville is an aggressive blitzing team and NC State's QB Mike Glennon will need to find his top target TE George Bryan quickly, especially on 3rd down. They should be up to task. They can also lean on their RB tandem of James Washington and Tony Creecy. Still, it may be the Wolfpack offensive line play that decides this game.

I'll go over the individual players after the jump.

BFTB Scouting Targets:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
T.J. Graham North Carolina State WR Sr. 5'11 176 lbs
Speed is Graham's game. He doesn't have bulk and he has less than adequate height, but he can burn by defenders. Still, track stars don't immediately translate to football players. He may take some time to learn to get off jams and get separation. He does have some ability as a kick returner and will probably find his niche there first. (3rd round)
Audie Cole North Carolina St. ILB Sr. 6'4 243 lbs
His height definitely stands out as an ILB prospect, which isn't necessarily a good or bad thing. He's a team leader, scrapper, overacheiever. Very good at diagnosing plays, does make a lot of false moves. Experience at the strong side LB position. Not at his best when fighting through blockers. Does have some closing burst so could be a good blitzer at the next level. Has some troubles wrapping up on tackles. (4th round)
George Bryan North Carolina St. TE Sr. 6'5 268 lbs
Bryan was on our scouting radar last year, but opted to return to school. It wasn't a great decision since he was thought to have a chance to be a 3rd round pick last year. This year he's slipped a little. He's still a big red zone target who possesses good hands. He's also an excellent blocker that provides plenty of pop. He definitely has value as a 2nd or 3rd TE who excels at the goal line. (Mid to late rounds)
Jordan White Western Michigan WR Sr. 6'0 214 lbs
Good catch and run guy. Tucks the ball away quickly and has some good moves, stiff arm to avoid would be tacklers. Can take a hit. Has some value as a kick returner. Not a great route runner or blocker. Suffered through multiple injuries, but his senior season has him leaving with a clean bill of health. Seems mentally tough. (Mid to late rounds)
NFL Prospects:
Player School Pos. Class Height Weight
Anthony Parker Western Michigan OG Sr. 6'4 323 lbs
Carson Wiggs Purdue K Sr. 6'0 214 lbs
Wows everyone with the FG distances he can make in practice. When asked to hit 50+ yard ones during games he's come through more than he hasn't. At times, he's been Purdue's best offensive weapon. (UDFA)
Jared Crank Purdue FB Sr. 6'0 235 lbs
Solid blocker who is decent when asked to run in short yardage situations. (UDFA)
Albert Evans Purdue S Sr. 5'11 205 lbs
Robert Marve Purdue QB Sr. 6'0 210 lbs
Highly touted prospect out of HS. Has never lived up to the promise. At Miami he was young and ineffective. At Purdue, he suffered a major knee and missed a lot of time. He's capable of playing a full game now, but splits time at QB. Is applying for a 6th year of eligibility. (UDFA)
Dennis Kelly Purdue OT Sr. 6'8 304 lbs
Gerald Gooden Purdue DE Sr. 6'3 249 lbs
Had success as a pass rusher when playing opposite now Washington Redskin Ryan Kerrigan as well as earlier when Green Bay Packer Mike Neal was on the line. Given that most Purdue DEs seem to find roles in the NFL as 3-4 OLBs, I wouldn't be surprised to see him make an NFL roster. (UDFA)
Nick Mondek Purdue OT Sr. 6'5 300 lbs
Joe Holland 6'1 OLB Sr. 6'1 229 lbs
Josh Chichester Louisville TE Sr. 6'7 250 lbs
Dexter Heyman Louisville ILB Sr. 6'2 235 lbs
Victor Anderson Louisville RB Sr. 5'8 185 lbs
Greg Scruggs Louisville DT Sr. 6'3 285 lbs
Josh Bellamy Lousiville WR Sr. 6'0 202 lbs
Taylor Gentry North Carolina St. FB Sr. 6'1 257 lbs
(Late rounds)
J.R. Sweezy North Carolina St. DT Sr. 6'4 284 lbs
Dwayne Maddox North Carolina St. OLB Sr. 6'2 233 lbs
Markus Kuhn North Carolina St. DT Sr. 6'4 294 lbs
Jay Smith North Carolina St. WR Sr. 6'1 210 lbs