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Detroit Lions Embarrass the San Diego Chargers 38-10

What an awful, terrible, football game. After the Giants, Bills and Raiders won, the day seemed like it was on pace to be a great one for San Diego sports fans. Instead, Greg Manusky and the Chargers defense looked woefully unprepared to face Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions' offense.

I shouldn't place all of the blame on Manusky, who was terrified to blitz as soon as the team fell behind. Nobody played exceptionally well except for possibly Malcom Floyd, Eric Weddle (who the Lions avoided) and Nick Novak (who kicked one of the best onside kicks of all time). Philip Rivers went back to looking panicked and confused, throwing 2 interceptions along the way. Mike Tolbert gained 2.3 yards per carry. Ryan Mathews gained 5.3 yards per carry but was taken out of the game by an early Lions lead.

When everything went right and the pressure was highest (along with the possible reward being at its greatest point), the Chargers fell flat on their face. They were outmatched by a stronger, tougher, smarter team that is more talented and had a better gameplan.

San Diego is now officially eliminated from the playoffs. Norv Turner has lost any hope of being the Bolts' coach next year, and others will join him on the way out the door of Chargers Park. It's time to tank, look for draft picks, and start interviewing coaches.

Final - 12.24.2011 1 2 3 4 Total
San Diego Chargers 0 0 10 0 10
Detroit Lions 10 14 7 7 38

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