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Flashback: Detroit @ San Diego, December 16, 2007

Once again, dear friends, we step into our WABAC machine and look back to the last time the Chargers faced their upcoming opponent. Today, we're setting the dials to go all the way back to the 2007 season, when the Detroit Lions traveled to San Diego to take on the Chargers.

There wasn't a lot of hype to build up to this one, because it wasn't anticipated to be a terribly exciting game. The Chargers were on their way up, having already clinched the AFC West by virtue of Denver's loss the previous Thursday and were riding a three-game win streak. Detroit had begun the year 6-2 and turned some heads, but was by this time on a 6-game skid at 6-8.

There really wasn't a whole lot of terribly exciting things that happened in this game. The Chargers took a 17-0 lead in the first quarter and it was all downhill from there. Then-Lions quarterback John Kitna completed 26 of his 45 pass attempts for 302 yards, but also threw 5 interceptions. LaDainian Tomlinson broke 100 yards rushing yet again and scored a pair of TDs, and so did Darren Sproles. The Lions did nothing of note (except the aforementioned five-pack of turnovers).

Things are a bit different today. The Lions have actual talent at many positions, most notably wide receiver and defensive line. Their quarterback isn't too shabby either, when he's healthy. The Chargers are peaking right now, but it'll still be tough game, seeing as it's on the road against a physical team. It should be a ton of fun to watch.