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Serious Business: 12/23 San Diego Chargers Links

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Walkthrough: Chargers Wine - Mike Tanier
Chargers wine! What will they think of next? Jaguars oatmeal? Dom Perignon bobbleheads? I have watched the Chargers for decades, but I never truly tasted them. I had to have a bottle or two.

Bolts pleased with 1st-rounder Liuget, who finally gets his 1st sack 14 games into season - The Washington Post
"Just like Ryan Mathews’ jump from year one to year two, I think Corey Liuget’s jump from year one to year two is going to be really big," Raye said. "I really think that’s going to happen with Corey as he starts to see himself more as a playmaker than a role player."

An NFL Redemption Story - Reed Albergotti
As he manhandled Lewis, he looked more like an All-Pro than a guy who got run out of Kansas City for botching the snap count. Hunter described Gaither as a quiet type, but one who understands football intuitively. "When I'm talking, he's taking notes," he said. "He's into it."

Conference call: Johnson and Schwartz -
Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson and coach Jim Schwartz speak with the San Diego media ahead of Saturday's 1:05 p.m. PST kickoff at Ford Field.