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Top 5 Defensive Plays: Flacco's Worst Day Ever

The Chargers defense this week turned out to be a ball-hawking, pass-rushing, Flacco-day-ruining beast. Since this story series started, we've had to showcase some pretty mundane run stops and pass defenses to get to 5 total plays. Against the Ravens however, there were a bunch of sacks and that great Weddle pass defense that didn't even have a chance to make top five.

Top Defensive Play #5 is the Tommie Harris sack in the early going of the 3rd quarter. Harris beat his man 1-on-1 from the right defensive end spot. The AJ Smith parade of castoffs and leftovers continues to amaze.

Top Defensive Play #4 involves Antonio Garay beating a double team and crushing Joe Flacco and Shaun Phillips in one sweep. If those two hadn't gotten the sack, Vaughn Martin would have! Keep in mind, two years ago Garay was a mid season street replacement much like Harris this year, and Antwan Barnes a year ago.

Top Defensive Play #3 is one of the aforementioned Barnes' four (FOUR!) sacks. Just imagine if this guy could do anything in the run game (remember, Travis LaBoy keeps this guy from starting, which is scary).

Top Defensive Play #2 closing the book on sacks for the week and brings us to the turnovers. Question: If Barnes doesn't help out, does Phillips drop this ball?

Top Defensive Play #1 is everyone's favorite non-constantly-screaming ILB, Takeo Spikes with a zone interception and a pretty fun return, owing to the entire defense loving the opportunity to block for TKO.