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High Boltage Radio Starts to Wind Down

"Timeout. There's how many shows left?!?" (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
"Timeout. There's how many shows left?!?" (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I know that many of you haven't listened to BFTB's Saturday morning show on XTRA Sports 1360. I hate you people, but I'll love you again with all my heart if you give the show a chance. We probably only have about 3 shows left before our 10am-12pm time slot on Saturday mornings gets taken over by real, live NFL football. Considering the waking up at 10am tomorrow as training for then.

Here's what you get in a typical High Boltage Radio listening experience:

  • Steve Adler and myself fight at least one per show. Usually over Steve being an idiot about something. Controversy!
  • Steve and I do our best to try and being optimistic about the San Diego Chargers' chance this season before finally giving in and getting really dark.
  • We go over the previous Chargers game and tell you who played well, coached well, refereed well, etc.
  • We tell you our picks for every NFL game of the week. These picks are essentially meaningless because my record is terrible, but you could totally win some wings at Hooters.
  • We make predictions for the next Chargers game. Often times we're right! I also give you matchups to watch in the upcoming game, making you watching experience that much richer.
  • We have guests! Michael Gehlken, aka the next Silver Fox, gives us about 10 good minutes each week as our eyes and ears at Chargers Park. We also typically have a local writer for the upcoming opponent to give us some insight heading into Sunday.
  • I give you all the news you could possibly want regarding the rest of the AFC West, which usually includes one Tim Tebow-related song each week.
So listen in this week. Join the Open Thread we do on BFTB (you can listen online right on the site, it's almost like we're trying to make it really easy for you to join in on the fun). Tune in when you're driving around (1360AM). Download the iHeartRadio app on your phone and listen while you're sitting in traffic school. We really don't care. Listen, call,'s a wonderful way to wake up on Saturday.