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Fantasy Forecast: Chargers vs. Ravens

The Chargers are giving fans a reason to believe. After two of the best games of the season, the Chargers are teasing fans with what could have been. The Ravens are playoff bound once again, and will have future hall of famer Ray Lewis returning to the lineup. Can the Chargers keep things going against a legitimate team? Enough with real football, let's get to the fake stuff.


QB - 1

HB - 2

WR - 6

TE - 2

Philip Rivers - Rivers has been on fire, but the Ravens are stingy against quarterbacks. The Ravens have only allowed double digit scores five times this season. Rivers may be in for another long day. Prediction: 185 yards and one touchdown.

Ryan Mathews -Mathews is playing like a man possessed. Unfortunately, he is about to play a defense that plays possessed. Teams have been able to run on the Ravens this year, but don't expect a monster game. Prediction: 125 total yards.

Mike Tolbert - Tolbert isn't much of a fantasy option this week from a pure yardage standpoint, but he is always a threat to get into the end zone. Prediction: 55 total yards and a touchdown

Vincent Jackson - This is an important stretch for Jackson, given his contract status. If he wants to get paid, then he needs to show up against good defenses. Prediction: Four catches for 45 yards.

Malcom Floyd - He should benefit from the attention Jackson and Gates will get. I don't expect big things, but I expect production. Prediction: three catches for 55 yards.

Antonio Gates - The Ravens have only allowed one double digit day to a tight end all season. At the same time, they haven't played many elite tight ends. Prediction: six catches for 65 yards and a touchdown.