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Serious Business: 12/14 San Diego Chargers Links

Week 14 Quick Reads - Vince Verhei
At one point Rivers was 9-for-9 for 78 yards, one touchdown, five other first downs, and nine successful plays. And then he finished up 10-for-11 for 120 yards, two touchdowns, five other first downs, and nine successful plays. We'll ignore that messy middle part of the game.

Mathews rolling 'em up now - Kevin Acee
It does appear that Mathews is getting to that point, where the game has slowed down and is full of enjoyment.

Gates set to set team record - Kevin Acee
Antonio Gates is five receptions from 587 in his career, which will make him the Chargers’ all-time leader.

Chargers playoff odds are long without lots of help - Kevin Acee
The Chargers could be eliminated from the AFC West race by late Sunday afternoon but are assured of still being in playoff contention when they take the field against the Baltimore Ravens that night.

Turner praises Gaither - Christopher Smith
San Diego’s line has stabilized since claiming the left tackle off waivers from Kansas City three weeks ago, and the Chargers have scored 75 points in the last two games.

Plenty of division change in the offing - Bill Williamson
San Diego coach Norv Turner is expected to be fired if the Chargers don’t make the playoffs. San Diego is 6-7 and two games behind Denver in the AFC West. The Chargers are also two games off the pace in the AFC wild card race. The Chargers will be challenged to make the playoffs.

10 Thoughts on the San Diego Chargers - Chris
Sunday night, the 10-3 Baltimore Ravens will head west to San Diego to face the 6-7 Chargers, who have won their last two games. Here are 10 Things to watch with San Diego: