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Serious Business: 12/13 San Diego Chargers Links

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Chargers bash Bills, 37-10 - Christopher Smith
San Diego dominated a second consecutive game as the defense intercepted three passes, Philip Rivers threw three touchdowns and a successful fake punt proved a turning point for the Chargers.

Gates excels in red zone - Jay Jay Maniquis
Tight end Antonio Gates caught two touchdowns against the Bills on Sunday, giving him six in the last eight games. Gates reached a couple more milestones during the win.

Fake punt launches Chargers - Christopher Smith
Eric Weddle, the Chargers’ personal protector on punts, called for and executed the fake that quelled Buffalo’s momentum and led to three consecutive Chargers touchdowns in the second half.

Time and Tebow make for a terrible situation - Nick Canepa
They’re close enough to whole to beat up on beat-up teams, as they did last Monday night in Jacksonville and here Sunday, a 37-10 trouncing of the Buffalo Bills. But to overcome Tebow’s 8-5 Broncos and win the AFC West, it appears the 6-7 Chargers have to take their final three, and Denver must lose its three.

Chargers Know What Lies Ahead - Michael Gehlken
Three games remain, and only three Chargers wins with three Broncos losses can win the Bolts an AFC West title, a tall order similar to the 2008 season's rare finish when the Broncos lost out with four games to go while the Chargers won out to claim the division at 8-8.