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Open Thread: MNF St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks

Dreamboat.  (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Dreamboat. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tonight on Monday Night Football, former San Diego Chargers third-string QB and total dreamboat Charlie Whitehurst will lug around a Santa's sack filled with skittles for Marshawn Lynch to gorge himself on in between series. All-World College QB Sam Bradford might (or might not!) start the game and play until Josh McDaniels embarrasses him enough that he runs out of the stadium in tears.

Mostly what you Chargers fans should be focused on tonight is Mike Williams, who every wanted so badly on San Diego when he was in the draft but was drafted by the Detroit Lions instead, and how weird it is that he is only a good WR when Pete Carroll is his Head Coach.

Also, watch football. Football rocks*. These are two bad teams that still have some awesome and gorgeous players that will be doing exciting things and making exciting plays, even if those exciting plays are a result of the other team just not being very good.

* - Football rocks 50 times harder when Hank Williams Jr. isn't involved.