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Open Thread: Buffalo Bills at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half

Well, how about that. The San Diego Chargers did end up getting a touchdown following the interception, but Buffalo managed to block the PAT attempt. At halftime the Chargers head to the locker room with a 16-0 lead.

Much like in the first quarter, the second quarter was pretty much controlled by the Chargers. CJ Spiller has been largely ineffective, but Ryan Fizpatrick has had some success against Greg Manusky's defense, both in the air on the ground. Despite that though, Buffalo has nothing to show for it.

After starting out perfect — completing all of his first nine passes — Rivers faltered a bit, but has looked good through most of the first half. Ryan Mathews already has 95 yards on 13 carries (that's 7.3 YPC for all you non math-majors).

In other AFC West action, Green Bay is absolutely dominating Oakland, 31-0. And Chicago is beating the Denver Tebows, 0-0.