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Open Thread: Buffalo Bills at San Diego Chargers, 1st Half

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So yes, this OT is up a little late. We've already completed the first quarter, and so far it's been all Chargers.

Philip Rivers completed all six of his passes in the opening drive, taking the ball 80 yards downfield and capping it off with a strike to a wide open Antonio Gates in the endzone. This marked the sixth consecutive game where the Chargers scored on their opening drive.

On Buffalo's first possession, Ryan Fitzpatrick throw a ball that doinked off the back of Na'il Diggs helmet. Eric Weddle ran into the ball and caught it. He got up and ran the ball back another 26 yards.

Right now, San Diego has the ball again on Buffalo's 2 yard line. Let's see Rivers can hook up again with Gates to put the Chargers in excellent position to win this game.

Kansas City already has lost against the Jets. Oakland is losing to the Packers 7-0, with Green Bay threatening again. And Denver and Chicago are all knotted-up at 0.