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Week Nine NFL Pick'em Contest

The Chargers are finally back at home this week, but this rough stretch of the season continues with the Packers heading into town. A lot of questions face the Chargers this week, but this will be Rivers game to win or loose.

So.... who likes Hooters? Weekly Pick'em winner receives a Wing Party at any of the four Hooters San Diego locations. Big props to our own Wonko, who is currently tied for the season lead. I don't think their is a prize for winning the season long pick'em, but if you win, first round is on me.

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Jets (4-3) at Bills (5-2) The Bills have beat some good teams this year, but I'm not sold. The Jets coming off a bye will force Fred Jackson to beat them. The Bills have a soft second half schedule, but this game could be pivotal in terms of tie breakers for the playoffs.

Bucs (4-3) at Saints (5-3) The Bucs beat New Orleans at home a few weeks back, but I don't see this game being close. The Saints are undefeated at home and owe the Bucs a little pay back.

Bengals (5-2) at Titans (4-3) A great matchup of "Is this team for real". Will Chris Johnson ever show up? I don't know, but I do know that Bengals defense is nasty and they could hold this Titans team to under 200 yards on the day.

Giants (5-2) at Patriots (5-2) This should be the highest scoring game of the week. With Nicks and Bradshaw out, it doesn't provide much hope for the Giants though.

Ravens (5-2) at Steelers (6-2) Pay back time! The Ravens embarrassed the Steelers in week one, but the bumble bee colored boys from the steel city are rolling. This is your must watch game of the week.

Bears (4-3) at Eagles (3-4) Just when everyone was ready to write off the Eagles, things are coming together. Cutler and the Bears are not a good road team which should be a great recipe for a melt down in Philly for the Bears.

Home of High Boltage Radio. XTRA Sports 1360 is hosting a season long pick'em contest. Make sure you jump in for your chance to win some great prizes. Three players tied with 11 correct picks last week, but it looks like slickness won the tie breaker for a second time in two weeks. I bombed last week and only put up and 8 spot. My picks for this week are after the jump.

Miami at Kansas City
Atlanta at Indianapolis
Tampa Bay at New Orleans
NY Jets at Buffalo
Seattle at Dallas
Cleveland at Houston
San Francisco at Washington
Cincinnati at Tennessee
Denver at Oakland
NY Giants at New England
St. Louis at Arizona
Green Bay at San Diego
Baltimore at Pittsburgh
Chicago at Philadelphia