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Fantasy Forecast: Chargers vs. Packers

The Chargers offense showed signs of life in Kansas City Monday night.  With the undefeated Green Bay Packers rolling into town, it will be interesting to see if they can keep it going.  The Chargers running backs are dinged up, but that may be an issue, unless of course you own one of them.  The Packers offense is always attacking, and the Chargers pass game will have to be on point to keep up.  Expect a shoot out at Qualcomm. 


Vs QBs -30th

Vs. HBs –8th

Vs. WRs - 28th

Vs TEs –25th

Philip Rivers - Great to see Philip start to return to form.  To think, if he doesn't fumble that ball, and Novak makes the field goal, this week the talk about be how Philip is back.  How things change so quickly.  Rivers has a great fantasy matchup this week in what should be a shoot out.  Prediction: 375 yards, three touchdowns

Ryan Mathews - At this stage of the week it looks as though he will not play

Mike Tolbert - Similar to Mathews, Tolbert has deal with the injury bug this season.  It looks like Tolbert will have the chance to shine on Sunday, as long as he isn't coughing the ball up and can stay on the field, this will be a nice fantasy day for Tolbert.  Prediction: 125 total yards and a touchdown.

Vincent Jackson - VJ owners have to be frustrated at this point.  I wish I could say that things will get better, but I have doubts.  On a positive note, the Packers allow plenty of points to WRs, I just feel that Floyd will be the big winner again this week.  Prediction: four catches, 65 yards.

Malcom Floyd - M80 showed up last week with his second 100+ yard game of the season.  He should continue to stay hot against the Pack.  Prediction: five catches, 85 yards, and a touchdown.

UPDATE: Walters signed back to the 53 man, this could mean Floyd is out for Sunday.

Antonio Gates - He's back!  At least from a fantasy perspective, Gates is putting up points.  The Packers have not face a lot of top tight ends this season, but they have given up touchdowns in four of seven games.  Prediction:  five catches, 70 yards, and a touchdown. 

Cherry Picking

Here are some guys that have very strong plays based on matchups this week.  I'm not telling you to start them, I'm just passing along some information, so don't shoot the messenger.

32 Broncos Palmer
31 Dolphins Cassel
30 Patriots Manning
29 Colts Ryan
28 Cardinals Bradford
27 Packers Rivers
Vikings BYE

32 Panthers BYE
31 Rams Wells
30 Colts Turner
29 Eagles Forte
28 Jets F. Jackson
27 Titans Benson
26 Chiefs Dolphins

32 Patriots Giants
31 Colts Falcons
30 Broncos Raiders
29 Rams Cardinals
28 Vikings BYE
27 Cardinals Rams
26 Packers Chargers

32 Bears Celek
31 Cowboys Miller (inj?)
30  Dolphins Chiefs
29 Jags BYE
28 Bucs Graham
27 Titans Gresham (inj)
26 Browns Daniels

That's going to wrap things up for this fake football post.  Remember if you have fantasy questions, hit me up on from 8:30am to 9:30am Sunday morning and I will answer all fantasy football questions in the live chat.  If you tweet, feel free to send any start/sit questions to @fantasydaddy. You can listen to the HBR Fantasy Football show on XTRA Sports 1360 on Thursday nights at 7pm.  If you miss the show you are able to download/listen to the fantasy football podcasts in the XTRA Sports 1360 podcenter.