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Serious Business: 11/4 San Diego Chargers Links

Five teams that need to embrace a throwback look immediately - MJD
The Chargers get partial credit for incorporating a little bit of the powder blue into their everyday jerseys, and their alternate jerseys are primarily powder. But they don't stack up to all powder blue, all the time, especially with the numbers of the helmets. Who doesn't love a helmet with numbers on it?

Chargers’ Curtis Brinkley is a survivor in more ways than one - Doug Farrar
San Diego Chargers running back Curtis Brinkley(notes) couldn't have been happy with his team's heartbreaking 23-20 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, but in the grand scheme of things, you'd forgive him if he's got his priorities in perspective past just one loss — he should be happy just to be on the field.

Seems like history needs to repeat itself for Bolts - Kevin Acee
There was so much silence between Takeo Spikes’ words, the look on his face so pained, it was unclear whether the conversation would continue or he might just burst into tears.

AFC West mailbag - Bill Williamson
Mike from San Diego wants to know if Chargers coach Norv Turner is on the hot seat. BW: I think people will ask this question until the day Turner is no longer the Chargers’ coach. I do think if San Diego does not make the playoffs and if the Chargers really fall off at the end of the season, Turner could be in trouble. Yet, this team is still very much alive in the playoff conversation, so its premature to talk about Turner’s future.

One player to watch - Bill Williamson
Lost a bit in Philip Rivers’ fumble in the final minute of regulation of an emotional overtime loss Monday night was McNeill’s poor play. He was penalized six times in Kansas City. He had four false stats. The left tackle is too polished and too gifted to have this type of game.

Flem File: Chock-full halfway through - David Fleming

Team's mindset tested - Christopher Smith
This particular Chargers team detests losing, but has maintained perspective and remains focused on pressing forward. 

NFL Midseason Report: The AFC - Bill Barnwell
They would be an overrated team at 6-1, but they're extremely underrated at 4-3. Perhaps Philip Rivers will continue to lead the league in interceptions, but we suspect that there's a strong second half coming from the Chargers.