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Top 5 Defensive Plays vs the Broncos

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The match-up of the Broncos offense against the Chargers defense turned up either big stops or big plays, with very little in the middle. As has been the Chargers custom this season, there were no turnovers and precious little quarterback pressure to make the highlight reels spin. As usual, SuperDuperBoltMan will be back later in the week with the nuts and bolts of the defense, I'm picking plays for their gravity within the flow of the game.

Defensive play #5 features Paul Oliver coming the closest the team got to a turnover this week with a great strip of Daniel Fells.  At least two defenders had a chance to pounce on this one.  I'll give Tommie Harris credit for getting so far downfield, but the big fella should have simply fallen on the ball instead of trying to pick it up on the run.  You can see Eric Weddle making a strip attempt as well.  Oh what could have been...

Defensive play #4 was the only exciting box score stat play of the game.  Cam Thomas got what was technically a sack as he nailed a scrambling Tim Tebow two yards behind the line of scrimmage. 

Defensive play #3 was a the end of the first Broncos overtime drive.  Cam Thomas, Takeo Spikes, Eric Weddle, and Tommie Harris all combined to stop Tebow a few precious inches short of the 1st.  You can't fault the defense in overtime, as they stopped the first two Denver drives cold.

Defensive play #2 is the end of the second Broncos overtime drive.  Paul Oliver got beat, but made a review-enhanced tackle another few inches short of the first down.


Defensive play #1 could have very easily been another game winning slippery scramble for Tebow, but the two OLBs in the game (Shaun Philips and Antwaan Barnes) made sure the Broncos would have to settle for a game tying figgie.  Without this stop, the Chargers don't even get a shot in overtime (although maybe they would have had a little more motivation for that last, lethargic two minute drill of regulation.


We also have this bonus defensive clip for the week.  BFTB thinks that if he keeps working, Vincent Brown has a bright future at cornerback.  Check out his ability to pace the wide receiver, make a break on the ball, and notch a pass defended stat.  We can move Jammer to safety next week with VB86 on the roster.