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Chargers Fall to the Broncos: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Tebowing (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Tebowing (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Chargers lose to Tebow and the Broncos at home.  As many fans would like this to be the end of the nightmare, I don't see that happening, at least not this week.  It appears to me that this Chargers team is either afraid to win or forgot how to win.  Either way, the fan base is foaming at the mouth for change. 


Ryan Mathews - We ripped Jackson, he broke out.  We ripped Mathews, he broke out.  Next Saturday... we rip everyone!  Mathews has three 100+ yard rushing games in his career, they are all against the Broncos.  A report came out from someone at CBS this morning saying that Mathews would be limited today, causing many fantasy owners to freak out and bench Mathews.  Silly CBS.

Antonio Gates - Gates was thrown to ten times, had six catches for 49 yards, and a touchdown.  Gates is not the same player we have seen in years past, but he is still dangerous.  Side note:  It was painful to watch Gates jump around after he scored that touchdown.  You know he wanted to dunk that football over the goal post, but that wasn't happening. 

Takeo Spikes - Spikes was a tackle machine, which is exactly what I would expect to see against a run heavy team like the Broncos.  14 tackles (8 solo), and a tackle for loss.

Honorable Mention: The CBS cameras getting a shot of Novak reliving himself on the sidelines.


Philip Rivers - This team lives and dies with him, and just like the Chargers cannot put together a complete game, neither can Rivers.  19/36 188 yards and a touchdown is respectable, but this is Philip Rivers, not Andy Dalton.  Rivers threw one touchdown to Gates in the second quarter and no touchdowns in the second half.  So much for being a second half team.

Vincent Jackson - Don't act surprised, we all expect Jackson to disappear after his big game last week in Chicago.  Two catches for 25 yards doesn't exactly scream elite receiver. 


Norv Turner - As much of an optimist as I attempt to be, I've never been a fan of Norv as a head coach.  I'm sure he will be a splendid offensive coordinator once his time in San Diego is done, but he's just not the right guy for this team.  I'm sure every coach makes bad decisions during the game, but I'm not concerned with every coach, I'm concerned with my coach.  The Chargers seem to make too many mistakes, the clock management is terrible, and players have not developed under the Norv era. 

Plenty of questions about new coaches have been popping up, and more will continue to.  John has pointed out that the only candidate on the current staff would be Bisaccia.  If that is the case, I think giving him a trial run wouldn't be a terrible idea.  If a pool is starting, I would pick December 6th as the day Norv cleans out his office at Chargers park.