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San Diego Chargers Lose to Denver Broncos in Overtime, Losing Streak at 6

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It took about 75 minutes of football, but the San Diego Chargers have lost their sixth consecutive game. The Denver Broncos won the game with a better defense, better running game and a QB that gets better in crunch time instead of getting worse.

The Chargers vaunted offense scored 3 points in the last 45 minutes of the game and, outside of Ryan Mathews and Antonio Gates, shrank away from the moment whenever they had a chance to win. The defense played okay, but Willis McGahee seemed to get a big run whenever it seemed like Denver was about to give up all hope of fielding an offense.

Nick Novak missed two FGs today, but neither were easy kicks. Nobody turned the ball over on offense, but the defense failed to force any turnovers. This is a game that wasn't won by good or bad performances by individual players or even mental mistakes, but rather it was won by the team that dictated how they wanted to play (field position and pass rush) and carried out their gameplan the best.

With six straight losses, and Norv Turner eager to lay down and play for overtime whenever the opportunity arises, it would be shocking to see Turner on the sidelines in Jacksonville on Monday. With that type of media coverage, the team will not want Turner highlighted as the failed leader of a team that has no chance. At least, I wouldn't want that if I were Dean Spanos and A.J. Smith.

This season is over. With five weeks left, the Chargers are two games behind the Broncos and three games back from the Raiders, who play only two teams with winning records in their last five games. There's nothing more to root for except for success for the kids on this team (Darrell Stuckey and Vincent Brown played well) and maybe seeing if the team can fix some of their issues under an interim coach like Rich Bisaccia.