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Open Thread: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half

If there's a team in the NFL that runs a worse two-minute offense than the San Diego Chargers, I'd be shocked. With a 10 point lead, two timeouts and the nail in their hand for the Broncos coffin, Philip Rivers was sacked and threw two incompletions (where it appeared his WRs didn't know they were being thrown to) before Norv Turner gave up and ran the ball.

The rest was predictable. A big return from Eddie Royal, a turnover opportunity that was wasted by the Chargers and a wide open Eric Decker for Tim Tebow to find in the end zone. Denver gets the ball to start the second half, so this could easily be a Chargers deficit soon.

Despite a strong running game, the Chargers offense still seems out of sync. They've played good defense only when the Broncos have abandoned the pass. San Diego is still playing a poor game and killing themselves with mental mistakes.

Expect another late-game TD by Tebow & Co. for another Broncos win. Expecting anything else would just be painful.