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Top 5 San Diego Chargers Defensive Plays vs. Chicago Bears

Welcome to a new weekly series where we'll chronicle the top 5 defensive plays of the week. Unfortunately, the pickings were somewhat slim this week. The Chargers defense had no sacks, only one turnover (spoiler alert), and very little pass pressure. While they largely contained Matt Forte, they generally let Jay Cutler have his way with their back seven. SuperDuperBoltMan will be by later today for technical ups and downs, but for now, enjoy some clips.

Defensive Play #5 features Vaughn Martin taking advantage of the Bears Oline completely ignoring him in a first quarter run stop

Defensive Play #4 keeps the focus in the first half run containment as Cam Thomas and Steve Gregory drop Forte for a loss.

Defensive Play #3 is a first quarter third down stop that is the kind of third and long situation that our defense tends to choke on (saying this makes me a fake fan!). This play was ruled an in-completion due to Earl Bennett having his pinky toe out of bounds, but even if completed would have been stopped well short of the first down. This held the Bears to a tie breaking field goal in the early going.

Defensive Play #2 has the big money safety Eric Weddle on display as he deftly blows up a Forte screen play.

Drum Roll! The top defensive play of the Bears Game was Antoine Cason's momentum borrowing interception of Jay Cutler. I'll take lucky over good any day of the week. It was really nice of the offense to later return said momentum without any scratches or dents, along with a thank you note and a $10 gift card to Target. It's a real bummer Cason couldn't cash this TD in, it really makes you wonder how the end game would have gone if he had.