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Chargers Fall to the Bears: Good, Bad, and Ugly

Jay Cutler (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jay Cutler (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Chargers traveled to the windy city in hopes of breaking a four game losing streak.  As loses have piled up, the frustration of the fan base has increased.  Coming into Sunday, I was having a hard time remembering a time when the fan base was so defeated.  Possibly during the early years with Marty or the Mike Riley era? 

Make no mistake the Bears are playing great football right now.  Let's not forget, the Bears did go to the NFC Championship game last season and playing in Solider Field is no easy task for any team, even an elite team, such as the Packers.  Outside of wishful thinking, how could Chargers fans rationalize a Bolts victory? 

At the end of the day, the Bears played great football, the Chargers were the Chargers and the losing streak is now five games long.  Chargers fall to the Bears 31-20.  With that said, it's time for the good, bad, and ugly.


Vincent Jackson - After a week of media and fan scrutiny, Jackson responded in a big way.  Jackson was targeted nine times, he hauled in seven catches for 165 yards and a touchdown.  It was great to see Jackson show up, can he do it two weeks in a row? 

Offensive Line - This patch work offensive line that was supposed to be the main concern going into the game held up quite nicely.  With the exception of a couple penalties on Jeromy Clary, the line held up and didn't allow one sack on Rivers.

Run defense - Matt Forte has played like a man possessed this season, but the Chargers contained him on the ground.  Forte only had 59 yards on the ground on 21 carries.


Philip Rivers - I know plenty of people are going to complain that Rivers should be on the ugly list, but Rivers was pretty good until that bonehead interception he threw into the end zone.  The second interception was thrown when the game was all but over, so I could care less about that.  21/31 280 yards and two touchdowns is very respectable and anyone that wants to see Volek replace Rivers needs medical attention.

Pass rush - You may be thinking... What pass rush?  Exactly!  Travis LaBoy whiffed on a sack of and Cutler made a great play to get rid of the ball while falling down.  That was as close as the Chargers came to a sack.  A lot of people want to blame the secondary, but when Cutler has ample time to throw what can you expect?


Ryan Mathews - I know that there are plenty of Mathews apologists on here, so I expect him to be defended.  I'm not a Mathews fan, I try, but I'm not.  He teased fans with his quick start, but quickly reverted back to his 2010 form of coughing up the ball and getting injured.   13 carries for 37 yards, two fumbles, one lost isn't going to cut it if he is to continue as the primary back. 

Greg Manusky - Consider that the 49ers defense became one of the best in the NFL after Manusky left.  Issues with the pass rush are one thing, but this was not an elite group of wide receivers the Chargers were facing.  Williams, Knox, Bennett, and Sanzenbacher are not going to keep a lot of defensive coordinators up at night.  Teams have been lighting up the Chargers in this five game losing streak, and last week Manusky decided to dodge the media.  Who dodgers the San Diego media?  After this showing in Chicago, Greg is no longer welcome at the Monday morning pancake social. 

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That's my list, who made your good, bad, and ugly?