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Open Thread: San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears, 1st Half

After a week and a half hiatus, San Diego Chargers football has returned to your televisions sets! The way I see it, today's game is a win-win scenario for Chargers fans.

A win would require the Chargers to "turn things around" and play in ways they haven't so far this season, mistake-free and with a superior gameplan than the opposing team. It would shock the world and make sure that the Raiders and Broncos took notice that this once-powerful Bolts team is not dead yet.

A loss would add more fuel to the fire for the "Fire Norv!" and "Fire AJ!" crowds, but reasonable people would also be happy with a loss that wakes the team up and makes them realize that these problems are not going to simply fix themselves or get better through practice. Losses create a greater chance for major change at Chargers Park, and that hasn't been the case in years. It's a more satisfying loss.

See you at halftime. GO CHARGERS.