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Open Thread: Early Games 11/20/2011

Sunday, fun day, football day. As seems to be the case as this season rolls along, the good games this week are evenly spread between the early and late games. That means there's plenty of reasons for you to block out 6-7 hours starting at 10am (Pacific) so that you can lay on your couch and soak in every big play and every major upset.

As far as Chargers fan interest, the obvious early game to watch is the Raiders and Vikings. However, it will also be interesting to see if the Dolphins (a team the Chargers have beaten) can beat the Bills (who the Chargers still have yet to play and who are getting killed by major injuries lately). Also, keep your eye on the falling-fast Detroit Lions to see if they can rebound against the Panthers.

I'll be back at noon with a final game preview for the Chargers/Bears game. Until then, here's your full list of early games: