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Game Preview: San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears, Chargers on Defense

Lately, the Chicago Bears have seemed like one of the best offenses in NFL. They've scored at least 24 points in each of their last 4 games (4 wins), and subsequently have scored at least 24 points in each of their wins this season. However, the Bears offense has been far from great and Jay Cutler still remains somewhat inconsistent as their QB.

During their winning streak, Jay Cutler has posted QB ratings of 115.9, 60.2, 96.9 and 68.5 (in the order). He's also turned the ball over at least once in each of those games. In the last few games, Mike Martz has focused more on getting protection for Cutler and has called more short-passes than he's typically known for. After getting sacked 14 times in the Bears' first 3 games of the season, Cutler has been sacked just 5 times during the 4-game winning streak.

The key to the Bears' offense is actually Matt Forte, who might be voted to the Pro Bowl this season. He's rushed for more than 5 yards per carry in 5 out of the last 6 Bears games, only being slowed by a tough Detroit Lions defensive line last week.

Rankings (Bears):

  • 17th in yards per game
  • 14th in yards per play
  • 6th in points per game
  • 4th in turnover margin
  • 26th in 3rd down conversion %
  • 21st in passing yards per game
  • 14th in yards per pass attempt
  • 18th in passing TDs
  • 19th in sacks allowed
  • 13th in rushing yards per game
  • 9th in yards per rush attempt
  • 14th in rushing TDs
Rankings (Chargers):
  • 10th in yards per game allowed
  • 26th in yards per play allowed
  • 27th in points per game allowed
  • 31st in 3rd down conversion % against
  • 8th in passing yards per game allowed
  • 25th in yards allowed per pass attempt
  • 28th in passing TDs allowed
  • 14th in interceptions
  • 24th in sacks
  • 24th in rushing yards per game allowed
  • 20th in yards allowed per carry
  • 6th in rushing TDs allowed