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San Diego Chargers Fans' Confidence Dwindling

"Choke job"? I'm sorry.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
"Choke job"? I'm sorry. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Here at Bolts from the Blue, we don't put enough emphasis on the fan confidence poll. We should, though, because it's a good gauge to see exactly when the spirit of the Chargers' fans break and when they still believe in miracles.

After the jump, you'll find the fan confidence poll ready to be filled out along with a line graph documenting how much faith the San Diego fans have lost since the loss to the Jets and the coinciding injuries to Shaun Phillips and Kris Dielman. Fill it out with how confident you are, especially with Dielman now on IR to go along with injuries to Marcus McNeill and Louis Vasquez.

I know a "fan confidence poll" is a rather vague term, so let's go with how much faith you have that the Chargers will make the playoffs in 2011.

In the comments, state how you voted (unless you'd like to keep it private) along with why you voted that way. For instance, "I put 8 because of Matt Cassel and Tim Tebow. Rivers can take control of the division quickly." or "I put 2 because I have absolutely no faith in Norv Turner, this coaching staff or what remains of this roster that's been decimated by injury."

Got it? Good. The jump is the link right below this sentence, for those that always wonder what we're referencing.

That was the jump! You jumped! Good job, now go vote/comment.