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San Diego Chargers Place LG Kris Dielman on Injured-Reserve List

When the San Diego Chargers traveled to New Jersey to take on the poorly-named New York Jets, in a game they would eventually lose, they knew they would probably leave a battered and bruised team. What they didn't plan on was their All-Pro Left Guard, Kris Dielman, getting a concussion that then led to him having a seizure on the team flight home.

Since then, the Chargers have been under the strict eye on the NFL for not diagnosing Dielman's concussion during the game and not taking proper precautions to protect him after the game. San Diego seemed to be taking their time and focusing on Dielman's health rather than rushing him back onto the field, and now they've taken that one step further by placing Dielman on the Injured-Reserve list and taking him off the field for the remainder of the season.

Dielman is arguably the team's best and most important offensive lineman. Since that Jets game, the team has gone 0-3 without Kris in the starting lineup. It will be difficult for the team to replace Dielman's production and leadership for the final 7 games of the season, but obviously they're more concerned with his health at this point. A concussion leading to a seizure is bad, but it's worse when the team thinks (a month later) that it's not getting better any time soon.