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Serious Business: 11/14 San Diego Chargers Links

Turner expresses admiration for Rivers even finishing game - Kevin Acee
What happened Thursday night was the greatest indicator yet of why his horrific season is not all on Philip Rivers.

ANALYSIS: Chargers at a crossroads - Kevin Acee
A certain silver-haired curmudgeon has been known to utter a phrase that, under the circumstances, is perfect for assessing this Chargers team. It is what it is.

Struggling Bolts ready for a break - Scott Bair
"It'll be a chance for all of us to reflect on what we've done and what's left to do," Chargers free safety Eric Weddle said. "We have a seven-game season, and we have to decide what we want out of it. Our actions and our desire from this point on will determine how those games go."

Coach: Loss not Philip Rivers' fault -
Turner wasn't patient Friday with "people who don't appreciate Philip Rivers and what he's able to do, and what he's done for this football team over the last year-and-a-half. With all of the different people who he's played with, it's phenomenal."

Chargers plan to regroup - Christopher Smith
Traffic hadn’t dispersed from Qualcomm Stadium on Thursday night before San Diego’s players began fortifying themselves mentally and resolving to fight like crazy again next week.

Turner’s Friday thoughts - Christopher Smith
The Chargers’ head coach understands the offensive line faced challenges Thursday but feels the Raiders were able to get pressure on Philip Rivers too many times in the first half.