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Chargers Fall at Home to the Raiders: Good, Bad, and Ugly

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Chargers fall at home in a deveasting loss to the Raiders.  In a game that is cruical to the playoff hopes of the Chargers, they were not able to keep up with the golden arm of Carson Palmer.  The Chargers found ways to keep the game close, but at the end, they showed they still don't know how to run an effective two minute offense. 

The Chargers were effective when they ran the ball, but Norv had little interest in running the ball.  Rivers threw to ball 47 times compared to only 15 rush attempts. As fans we have a lot that we can question, and over the next few days we will.  As I write this I still have a sick feeling in my stomach, but we are Chargers fans, we have been through worse.  Before we get started, I feel the need to post this...

With that said, it's time for the good, bad, and ugly.


Antwan Barnes - Barnes lives in the backfield and today was no different.  Five tackles, a sack, a forced fumble, and a pass deflected.  Barnes has been outstanding and has stepped up in the absence of Shaun Phillips.  Barnes now leads the team with six sacks. 

Vincent Brown - Stepping in for Malcom Floyd, Brown turned heads on national television.  Nine targets, five catches, 97 yards and a touchdown highlighted a temperamental pass attack. 

Eric Weddle - Eight tackles, seven solo, and a tackle for loss.  Weddle just keeps plugging away in what looks to be his first pro bowl season.


Philip Rivers - Rivers was not half bad tonight.  23/47 274 yards two touchdowns, and one interception (via Jackson).  Rivers was not great, he was not sharp, he was not able to finish.  He was able to grind things out and he kept the Chargers in the game. 

Quentin Jammer - It's not often that Jammer is even mentioned, but tonight he looked as though he lost a step.  Moore has no trouble separating from him and that allowed for a huge day for Moore (five catches, 123 yards, two touchdowns.)


Vincent Jackson - Jackson apologists speak now.  Vincent Jackson is not an elite receiver.  I repeat Vincent Jackson is not an elite receiver.  In eight games he only has five or more catches in three of them.  Jackson has two or less catches in three games this season, including his one catch for 22 yards tonight.  Apologists will say that Jackson lost the ball on that deep route that led to an interception, but to me it looked as though he quit on it.  Freaking quit on it.

Offensive line issues - The line was already one man down with Kris Dielman out, but losing Marcus McNeil (carted off) and Louis Vasquez was terrible.  Brandyn Dombrowski was abused all night by Kamerion Wimbley (four sacks).  If Rivers sixth child wasn't keeping him up at night, visions of the Raiders pass rush will be.

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That's my list, who made your good, bad, and ugly?