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Open Thread: Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers, 2nd Half

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After a pretty promising start, the Chargers head into the locker room on the short end of a 17-3 halftime score.

Tonight's game is the tale of two quarterbacks. One is 8-for-10, with 169 yards and a TD (for a 152.1 passer rating). The other is 4-for-11 for 44 yards and zero TDs (for a 49.1). Yep, former is Carson Palmer, in just his third game with the Raiders.

Surprisingly, it's looking like Special Teams are the Chargers' best asset in this game. Good coverage and a successful lateral on the first punt of the game have been the few bright spots for the Chargers in this game. Michael Bush is running all over the defense, and the offensive line is more porous than a sponge, and Carson Palmer is even having success throwing the ball deep.

Not to be super pessimistic here, but it seems the Chargers' best chances of winning this game are to hope the Raiders keep making mistakes. After Marcus McNeill went down in the 1st quarter with a Stinger, Brandyn Dombrowski came in and the offensive line instantly looked worse. McNeill is out for the rest of the game, so there's little hope in the offensive line getting their act together.

Here's hoping Norv and Manusky have some tricks up their collective sleeves and can pull out a victory in a game that, quite frankly, sees the Chargers as completely outmatched.