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Serious Business: 11/10 San Diego Chargers Links

Evaluating change - Christopher Smith
One of the most important tasks for the Chargers’ defense this week is to evaluate how the Raiders’ offense has evolved under new quarterback Carson Palmer. Oakland has made a couple other changes as well.

MTS security plans strike during Raiders-Chargers game day - Robert J. Hawkins
San Diego transit security officers have voted to strike Thursday, when many football fans will be taking buses and the trolley to the San Diego Charger-Oakland Raider game at Qualcomm Stadium.

Rivers, Manning and Interception Follies - Toni Monkovic
"I’m not hurt," Rivers told reporters. "I’ve thrown a handful of picks that I normally don’t throw, and I’ll probably throw some more throughout my career. There won’t always be a reason why."

What's Wrong With The San Diego Chargers? - Daniel Carr-Crawford
The Chargers, one of the NFL's better teams over the last few years, are currently struggling to control the division that they were expected to dominate.

Manusky maintains confidence in Gilchrist - Kevin Acee
Greg Manusky isn’t ready to go away from Marcus Gilchrist, despite the rookie cornerback being burned for more than half the passing yards Kansas City’s Matt Cassel and Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers had against the Chargers the past two games.

Oakland Raiders Vs. San Diego Chargers: Fan's Perspective - Freddy Sherman
Thursday night will bring the Oakland Raiders playing against the San Diego Chargers. As a Raiders fan who's in love with a Chargers fan, it may be a difficult night to get through. The first problem is the game is only on the NFL Network, so you need cable or satellite to watch it. I'm waiting for the NFL to get with the program and start offering individual games via pay-per-view.