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Open Thread: Chargers at Broncos, Second Half

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Outside of struggles with the San Diego Chargers' red zone offense, that was a very impressive half of football by the Bolts. The defense played well, specifically doing an excellent job of making Kyle Orton look terrible and egging on the Tim Tebow fans in the crowd at Mile High Stadium.

With a 13 point lead, all the Chargers need to do in the second half is continue to run the ball well (Mike Tolbert and Ryan Mathews both left the game with injuries, but both returned) and make sure that Brandon Lloyd doesn't go crazy. It will be interesting to see if John Fox inserts Tebow into the offense to try and instill life into his offense and the home fans.

Philip Rivers threw one interception so far in this game, but it was more the fault of Patrick Crayton than El Capitan. Eric Weddle was hit in the hands by a football and didn't come away with an interception, which is something that he needs to get better at.

With the Bolts typically being a better 2nd half team, I am optimistic about the chances of coming back and writing about a San Diego victory after the game. See you guys then.